What is DEEEP?

DEEEP is a programme initiated by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DARE Forum) of CONCORD. This Forum aims at strengthening the capacities of NGDOs to raise awareness, educate and mobilise the European public for worldwide poverty eradication and social inclusion. DEEEP is co-funded by the European Union.

We are now facing the 4th phase of the project (from 2013 until 2015). In contrast to previous phases, DEEEP4 will broaden its activities to focus on the global dimension with innovative tools.

DEEEP 4 aims to contribute to the creation of a global civil society through citizen’s empowerment for change in order to achieve global justice and the eradication of poverty.

For more info about the project, we invite to go through our "Vision and Mission" document and to read the "transformative experiment" article. You will discover more about this innovative experience.



In an unequal world, only systemic changes which tackle the root causes of inequality and poverty will lead us towards a fairer and more sustainable world for all.

Initiating systemic change requires joint action from a variety of actors such as NGOs, academic and research institutes, civil society and citizens. Systemic change will not be achieved without the engagement of active citizens.

DEEEP is a tool for supporting, strengthening and promoting this engagement and action for systemic change!



DEEEP4 believes that development education is a tool for citizen’s empowerment and systemic change.

DEEEP4 therefore aims to reinforce the following key areas:

  1. The creation of a global coalition for citizens empowerment
  2. The coordination of the development education sector
  3. The identity and the conceptualization of development education
  4. The contribution of development education to wider discourse on development and education
  5. The improvement of the quality and impact of development education



These pillars will be enhanced through the following interlinked DEEEP activities:

Advocacy: DEEEP will advocate for the development education sector on a European and global scale, will influence the political agenda and exchange best practices. DEEEP is an instrument for political change.

Capacity building: DEEEP will organize various training sessions, conferences and forums for NGOs on the importance of strengthening public engagement. DEEEP will empower citizens by using development education as a participative, critical and transformative learning process. DEEEP is an instrument for social change.

Research: DEEEP will coordinate research, seminars and conferences to bring together NGOs and the academic sector. We want to strengthen development education as a tool for change within both educational and development discourse; a common story-basis framework for those actors. DEEEP is a tool for learning

Communication: DEEEP will reinforce communication mechanisms inside and outside of the development education field, with an emphasis on common development education values and stories. DEEEP is a tool for cooperation.


Global Citizens at the Development Education Summer School in Hungary 2011